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Guidelines for Purchasing a Good Portable Oxygen Machine

The air we inhale contains 21 percent oxygen, 78 percent nitrogen and 1 percent other gases. An oxygen machine removes nitrogen from oxygen for the user to inhale air that exceeds 95 percent purity for therapy reasons. When you are starting oxygen therapy, your doctor is going to recommend which portable oxygen machine model is good for your needs. From there, you can acquire a unit based on your lifestyle needs. To buy the right portable oxygen machine, use this guide.

You should put the warranty into account. To ascertain the reliability and effectiveness of a portable oxygen machine, inquire about a warranty because this guarantees the manufacturer is going to replace or repair it should an issue arise. Besides, take into account the warranty period to be sure it is long. If there is a less costly model but does not have a warranty, avoid it as it adds a risk of future costs of replacing it in case it breaks.

Ensure you buy an FAA-approved device. When it comes to purchasing an oxygen machine, an FAA-approved one is a safest and most reliable option. This is imperative if you will travel via airplane since airlines need that patients must have FAA-approved portable oxygen machine to travel with them.

You need to factor in the weight. Portable oxygen machines differ in weight. While you can carry some devices on your back, some need to be wheeled along the ground. A continuously portable oxygen machine weighs between 17 and 20 pounds while a pulse flow machine weighs between 3 and 10 pounds. You should choose the one you can easily manage on a daily basis.

Take note of the size. If you need to move a lot, size is a very crucial point to check. Ensure you compare the variety of options available to determine what best conforms to your lifestyle and needs. In case you require a portable oxygen machine with which you can move everywhere, choose the smallest one or a device that is more powerful. Consider the oxygen output as well as dimensions of every device then know how to transport it.

Ensure you are keen on battery life. The duration a battery lasts is determined by the extent to which you utilize your device and how you set it. If you intend to stay away from home many hours, selecting a portable oxygen machine that has an extended battery life is important. In case you need a device for traveling, pick a gadget having a battery life that can double the time used to fly. However, the device will not only be heavier but also less convenient.

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